DIY Wedding Tips Part Two


Wonderful Wedding Bouquet

The wedding day is the day a couple will remember forever, when they pledge to become husband and wife. So naturally, a bride would want to make her wedding as special as it could possibly be, while not breaking the bank. That’s where it pays to be crafty! Instead of employing the use of a laundry list of vendors, some of whom make their services more pricey than normal as soon as the word “wedding” is dropped, a bride can whip up some nuptial-friendly items herself and save some cash. Not only can you have a fantastic honeymoon with your fat wallet, but you can show off your handiwork and make your wedding day truly special! In part one, we discussed bridal bouquets and invitations. Ready for some more DIY wedding tips? Let’s go!


Purple Raffia, Confetti And Jute Sachet

3. Favors

Wedding favors are where you can really have some fun and let your creativity take the lead. Are you having a summer wedding? Why not make some soap in a popsicle mold? Use food coloring and really make your soaps pop, and even throw in some glitter! Are you having a casual brunch-like feel for your nuptials? You could make teacup candles and use those as favors to thrill and impress your guests.

One idea is to make some hot cocoa mix and place a serving or two in as many jars as you need for your guest list. Decorate each jar with you and your beloved’s initials, or simply tie a ribbon in one of your wedding colors around the lid. For a tutorial on DIY hot cocoa, click here.


Beautiful flowers on table in wedding day.

4. Table Centerpieces

Your reception will no doubt feature tables where your guests can socialize and eat, and naturally, you want everything to look amazing. If you want to give each table some visual interest, consider a centerpiece that fits the theme of your wedding. You can arrange your own floral piece, placing some flowers of your choice in a vase for each table. Some cheap vases can be found at Wal-Mart and other stores where you can find arts and crafts. Throw in some craft gems if you use see-through vases for something extra.


Aroma Bowl with floating candles and flowers.

If you would like a simple centerpiece that looks great with little effort, grab some pretty glass bowls and fill them with water. Place two or three floating candles inside them and have one at the center of each table. Candles already contribute to a romantic mood, so it’s a win-win!

5. Attire


Back Of Wedding Dress

This tip is for the bride (or bride with a handy friend!) who can sew pretty darn well. Instead of paying thousands for a wedding dress (that you’ll wear only once) why not buy the materials and make your dress yourself? If you have the time, you can also whip up some killer bridesmaid dresses.

A wedding dress doesn’t have to be super complicated or detailed to be perfect for your big day. If you’re familiar with your body and are good with making patterns, you can easily design and sew your own wedding dress. And the time invested in your garment is still probably less than the time it takes to have an ordered dress shipped in and then tailored.

Not so good with creating your own patterns? No problem! Lots of pattern stores (like JoAnn Fabric) sell prepackaged patterns that you can choose from for a fantastic wedding dress. And you don’t have to just look for wedding dress patterns. Pick any dress that jumps out to you for your special day and follow the directions on notions and fabric types. This is a simple way to end up with a fabulous wedding dress that doesn’t break the bank!

Along with making your own wedding wear, you can design and create the jewelry you will wear on your big day too! Or if you can’t make it work to sew up your own dress, you can still have a little bit of DIY-style and wear a special handmade necklace or earring set! Check out your local craft store and see what options they sell. No doubt with a pair (or two!) of pliers and some inspiration from your dress or just plain creativity you can make yourself something that will really pop. Your little something blue can be a lovely piece of jewelry, so see what you can come up with!



Bride Hug Groom With Wedding Bouquet

In conclusion, a wedding day can not only be easy on the wallet but the perfect time to show off some creativity. In part one and part two of this article, we have discussed some DIY wedding tips, but feel free to come up with your own projects that are perfect for your special day.

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