When Designing Fashion – The Effects of Color On Your Mood


In this article, I’m going to talk a little bit about choosing color when creating a garment. When designing garments with the intent to sell them, color is one of the first choices you want to make because it has such a huge impact on the customer. But even if this is just a fancy garment for yourself, you still want to choose some awesome colors, right? Right! The color of what you wear effects your emotions, whether you realize it or not. Interested in knowing which colors give off what moods? Well look no further! The effects of color are as follows:

1. Red


Red is among my favorite colors. It’s so bold! When you think the word “passion,” what color comes to mind? Red, right? There’s no doubt a garment that is red will grab attention. It’s definitely a sexy color. So when you’re designing for a night on the town with someone special, the color red is a fantastic pick. Choose a red with a blue undertone if you have a cool complexion.

2. Blue


After looking at the color red, I bet you feel different now that you’re looking at blue. Feeling more relaxed? That’s totally normal! Blue is a cool color, that helps with relaxation and feeling tranquil. Needing a new pair of PJs? How about you choose a lovely blue fabric!

3. Black


It’s no secret that black is a popular color choice for clothing. Not only is it elegant, it’s slimming, which can inspire confidence. The LBD didn’t become a wardrobe staple for nothing!

4. Green


Green is such a lovely color. It’s associated with health, and wellness. It’s also associated with money and wealth. You don’t have to be a tree-hugger to enjoy wearing this color, and you will definitely make a positive impression on others!

5. Pink


Pink! Pink pink pink! Pink is so fun and flirty. Unlike red, you might not come across as sexy, but you’ll look adorable and cute. This is a perfect color choice for a young lady’s garment, or for a woman who enjoys looking fun and youthful. Pink also is associated with happiness, and can warm up your mood in no time.

The effects of color on consumers are truly strong. By understanding the effects of different colors, you can successfully use color as a tool to target your customers (or make your own wardrobe extra special!).

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Updated: June 17, 2017 — 8:15 pm
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